Benefits for Asset Managers

Differentiate Asset Management Products – Many investors view asset managers and fund offerings as similar – the CMA provides asset managers a chance to differentiate.

Protect Against Fee Compression – The CMA provides immediate liquidity – this unique functionality reduces the need to compete on price.

Data Analytics – The asset manager can get previously unavailable insight into its clients and their financial behavior, notably their cash holdings and spending patterns.

Grow Customer Base – The CMA enables asset managers to leverage its cash management offering to acquire and retain new clients.

  • Research shows that retail investors concentrate holdings with the same asset manager; allowing the asset manager to cross-market additional fund products to CMA clients.

Obtain Substantial assets from younger and wealthier clients – The CMA is an excellent entry level product to convert savers into investors – just as the CMA appeals to clients with substantial cash assets.

  • The CMA strongly positions the asset manager for the intergenerational wealth transfer.

Gather new clients and new assets – compete against bank rates for new clients rather than other asset management firms.