Wealth Managers

Capture new clients and new assets, specifically banking assets of current and prospective clients.

• Protect against fee compression and develop a new income stream.
• Obtain substantial assets from younger and wealthier clients.

Obtain a customized, turnkey digital product and strategy, including a branded app, desktop portal, and investment debit card.

• The advisor now becomes a branded presence in the client’s wallet and on his
• Average debit card is used 23 times/month, and the advisor can send client messages.

Use our data analytics to gain new client insights and develop better financial plans.

Extend client relationships to the next generation(s), positioning for the intergenerational wealth transfer.

Differentiate product and service offerings relative to other advisors and banks.

Enhance client retention with integrated investing and cash management accounts, relationships are 98.5% loyal.

Each of these features is compelling; all of these features together make for an objectively better product – which we offer at no cost to the advisor or the client.