Investor Cash Management

Investment Returns
+ Immediate Liquidity
= Investor Cash Management

Investor Cash Management Debit Card

Investor Cash Management


ICM benefits both new and experienced investors who want to maximize returns on their cash.

Investor Cash Management


ICM enables clients to better manage their cash and earn much higher rates.

The ICM Investment Card invests directly into securities including government money market funds (GMMFs) and ultrashort bond funds (USBFs).

Why use ICM?

Chart Comparing Investor Cash Management Interest Rate to an Average Bank Rate

ICM empowers you to earn 35x more.

Graph showing how Investor Cash Management Earns You More Compared to the Average Bank

Investor Cash Management


ICM provides easy, convenient tools to better manage your cash.

How does it work?

Our technology provides you access to high quality funds at no cost.


Direct deposit or transfer funds, and your investment securities are automatically purchased and redeemed on your behalf.


ICM utilizes enhanced security, data encryption, and fraud protection tools to protect your assets and information.


The funds that you deposit or transfer are automatically invested on your behalf, and they are always available to you as needed.